Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Common Poppy Garden

Purple Heart

This game I played where I get what I want a champion a gold medal you
Purple heart

Terrified you’ll be all alone with me one day and what then would I be?
(amour de porcelaine) 

You are so much of everything I want in my lover to be and very much strong for me
Purple heart

Everything smells like tension

Even on a good day no one wants to be alone;
bitter and cold

Love with one is too few
Love with none is too many
Everything smells like tension 

I’m a coward wanting love, thinking I’m something special;
Adorning my self’s mass-disaster in diamond quips

Poppy Garden

I lived in a common poppy garden
But when I ran from that courtyard
I tore down the walls around
The razor I keep in my mind

I’m stupid without you
I’m tragic without you
I’m defenseless without you
I’m ashamed of my lack of pain

In honest moments I can’t lie;
You had brought out what I thought was the best of me;
I dreamed of horses, private jets, diving from cliffs
Getting drunk on beaches, private estates, climbing mountains

When I dream alone for a thousand nights
Is when tears wreck havoc at dawn;
I am deconstructed glass
I am loved conditionally,
I clip my wings to be free

I’m stupid without you
I’m unsexy without you
I’m useless without you
I’m regretful without you

Pele’s Boys

Fromm the volcano top
I hear dreams like thunder
Exciting the liquid chaos in me
Churning bubbling lava deep in me
Matching my heartbeat
Your smile becomes my sun
When I suck your tongue
For lava glistens in your eyes

Underneath your rain
Treble and strings make melody
Bass and horns make flowers bloom
Tickling every nerve of me
Creating tiny sparks
Imitating missing persons –
Oh, how I love those little sparks!
They massage my every muscle
Destroying or giving me wings?

Where’s the new rain?  Where’s the new rain?

I’m not happy that I’m not safe with you

Solace, it’s true:
You still look pretty counting my rosary of addictive solutions,
Leaving sadness as the only lover to invade my demeanor